About Us

ALEKBC-MPC (Abbott Laboratories Philippines, Employee Multi-Purpose Cooperative)

Is a credit cooperative solely for regular employee of Abbott Laboratories, (Philippines), as well as resigned and retire employees of same company and staff of ALEKBC-MPC who had been members of the cooperative of a minimum of 5years, and paid at least the required minimum share capital. Is started as a pre-cooperative on December 8, 1967 with capitalization of TEN THOUSAND (Php 10,000.00). It became a full-pledged cooperative on December 8, 1987.

Application of membership in TWO HUNDRED FIFTY PESOS (Php 250.00) to be paid upon presentation of the application form to the ALEKBC-MPC Membership Committee and the Secretariat , for provincial based personnel either cash payment or salary deduction.

Mission & Vision


- to be a realiable multipurpose cooperative who

Impacts - the lives of its member-owners
  • Economic independence
  • Fullfilment of member satisfaction
  • Service with quality
  • Transparency
  • Thrives - through continuous & stable growth
  • Systematic & sustained capital build-up
  • Diversified products & services catering to the changing needs of its members
  • Adapting to transcending operational demands
  • Financial viability through instiling the value of savings and wise spending
  • Serves - community employees & goverment
  • Commitment to serve at the best interest of members
  • Compliance to goverment regulations and mandates
  • Active participation to socially responsible activities